Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

From the S Family...


So I know I'm a little behind.  My annual Christmas cards are becoming New Year's cards and most will probably get this in a email. Pray you all had a great Christmas and will have a good New Year's.
We had a good holiday season starting with spending Thanksgiving in Tulsa with my mom, grandma, sister and niece.  Sugar bug had the great idea to get us all footie pj's.

We realized later that Super D and I should have sat apart we kinda blend together. But I love that everyone was game and joined in on this picture.  And these PJ's are comfy and warm great for movie night with the family! 

We enjoyed dinner with extended family and I got this picture of Sassafras and our niece. Before the camera died as I forgot to charge the battery. 

  We had a great Thanksgiving and wonderful visit seeing everyone!  On to Christmas...

Does this picture not just say Christmas?  I snapped this on a quiet night after the kids were in bed the dogs just looked so content and I loved the the glow of the lights and fire.  Reminded me of the Amy Grant song I Need a Silent Night.  
We spent Christmas at home this year. Super D cooked prime rib and a turkey while I made all the other good stuff. We had Super D's side of the family over and some friends.  

Super D got a neat tool set....

Best part was he picked it himself. He took me into Sears one day and handed me the screwdrivers and picked up the box and told me " Just don't tell me what your getting me."  LOL!  I just laughed and paid for it.  Hey saved me wrapping paper.  I just stuck it under the tree.

Here's Sugar Bug still waking up Christmas morning.  Didn't take us long to open up our presents This year most of the gifts we too big to go under the tree.  Sassafras now has her drivers license and we gave her the jeep.  She is super excited!  Sugar bug got to travel to California to visit my sister by herself and that was her gift.  

I think one of the best gifts I got was meeting our new nephew! 

This little guy was born on the 21st.  He's just 4 days old here.  We loved getting to meet him. Congrats to Super D's  little sister and her guy! 

Wishing you all a great New Year!  I'm looking forward to it!