Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We may be sick...

So....  Check this out then come back...

Is Opting Out of Processed Food the New Eating Disorder?

So really I'm a little speechless over the whole thing.  I think it is ridiculous that  because I wish to eat food without chemicals I could be labeled with a disorder!  This is just over the top.  Sadly the more we come up with silly "disorders" that people have the more we do a disservice to those who are really ill. 

This is the sad direction we are going and I'm afraid it won't change unless more of us stand up and say enough is enough!
 Just doing my part to inform. :)  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is coming Right???

So we've had winter hit hard late.  Here we are in March when it should be warming up and we are shoveling snow!  We've had 10 inches over the last few weeks in a couple bouts of ice and snow.  So... We've stayed indoors for the most part having fun snow days watching movies and challenging the kids to Monopoly.
Super D remains the undefeated champ in our house.  But it was a close game!  :)

So Yes, if you see the plants in the back ground I am hoping spring makes it soon!  Those were a gift from a friend but I hope to get mine started soon...

Thankfully the weather man says it is supposed to warm up this week!  So we will be out hiking and planting soon.
We had a few beautiful 60 deg. days before the cold that the girls and I went adventuring a bit.  I don't remember what Sassafras thought she saw that made her jump.  We are looking forward to playing in the river soon!

And because I missed it....
Super D surprised all his girls with roses for Valentine's Day.  We had a fun day even though it included loading up fire wood for the cold that was moving in.  :) 

Garden season is almost here.  I will probably be a bit behind but I'll try and keep you all updated.