Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Blueberries anyone? We went blueberry picking...
 We went and picked 12 gallons of blueberries at a local farm.  We gave away 1 gallon and I canned the rest. 
For those interested I followed this recipe...  Blueberry Jam and syrup.  
I loved that I was making jam and syrup at the same time pretty much.  In all I got 6 half pints syrup, 23 half pints jam, and 23 pints of just blueberries. 
The blueberries I didn't turn into jam I packed into sterilized jars and filled with a light syrup of 1 cup sugar to 3 cups water heated until the sugar dissolved. Then processed them in boiling water bath for 15 minutes. 
It all turned out great and now we are on to blackberries!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Party Animals!

So we had a crazy weekend with a birthday and wedding back to back...
First Sugar Bug turned 12...

Yes my daughter picked a X-box game theme for her cake. She had a rather quiet birthday as everyone was preparing for the wedding the next day.  But we still had some fun and checked out the river, which is way up with all the rain we've had lately.

And of course you have to have balloons! 

Sugar bug was excited to get an easel from her aunt for all her artistic flares...

My two girlies checking out the Nintendo DS Sassafras got her sister.

Next we have wedding!! Super D's little sis got married beside the river in a beautiful service.  Hot but pretty...

Congratulations you two!

My pretty girls.  They were both bridesmaids..

The Cake... All the kids thought it was super cool that the butterflies were edible.  I guess there was something fun about eating a butterfly. 

It was a fun and busy weekend! I'm glad everything went smoothly and no rain this weekend.  We are all recuperating this week! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Project

Super D has a new project...
This is after a bit of hard work by Super D and his buddies!  The car came in pieces.

Super D is like a kid a Christmas getting new things for the car...
Don't ask me why but, Yes he is smelling the wiring harness he got in the mail this morning.

He has been receiving packages for the last few weeks...

 Hopefully we have all we need to get it up and running in the next few weeks. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Garden Time!

Ok, So I've gone overboard on my attempts at gardening before See post 800.  That was part of last years garden and well live and learn.  Of my 800 plants not many survived, but I learned a lot. Mostly I get excited and get a little over zealous trying to plant all that I want and run out of time. 

So with that in mind this year I tried to cut back a bit.  I started some pepper and tomato plants inside.
That's my focus this year tomatoes and peppers that doesn't mean I haven't planted some other things but I'm trying to keep myself reigned in knowing I have limited time to put in on the garden...
Here's my little garden spot.  With everything so green it's hard to see the different things I've got going.  But there's radishes, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and peppers.  Now I am not a very neat or organized gardener!  As I have plants to go into the ground I find a spot and plant it.  Since there isn't much rhyme or reason to it I have to draw myself a little map of my garden so I can keep it all straight.   And of course I always run out of room so to add some space I use the big hill of dirt we still have..
Since pumpkin did so well on it last year I planted squash, zucchini, watermelon, cucumber, and a pumpkin plant there.  In case your wondering that big tall plant on the hill is what most consider a weed.  It's a poke plant and we left it there as we like poke... Click here on how we make it.

I am pleased this year everything is doing great and I've already picked a mess of spinach and pulled radishes.

My tomato plants already have green tomatoes on them...

I am so excited and hope to have a bumper crop of tomatoes. Now if I can just get the girls to pull weeds I'd be in good shape :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Girls Trip

We got a mini vacation right after Memorial day with my mom in Branson.  Super D had to work so he missed out this time but we will be going again!  We had a blast at Silver Dollar City!
Here we are after our first roller coaster, the one in the background.

Sugar bug was super excited to go as this year she was tall enough for all the rides!  We sure took advantage of it and hit as many rides as we could.

Yep I think they qualify.

Of course the water ride was fun and needed as it heated up!
Yes you are going to get wet!

Silver Dollar City is not only fun, but beautiful also.  It's an amusement park set in the woods that also has shows and demonstrations of unique skills.

After we were HUNGRY! so we stopped at this neat restaurant.
Kinda interesting walking through a giant meatball! 
Thank you Grammy for a great trip... We missed having my sister and niece there to join us but they couldn't make it at last minute. 
We will have to do it again!