Friday, March 14, 2014

Seeds Galore!

So I think I have all the seeds I need for this years garden.  Most of these seeds I bought this year, some are from last year, and some are from a seed swap. 
In working to plan the garden I found I wanted a way to see what I had with out digging out all these seeds every time. As you see I out grew my little box that holds my seeds.  So I had to come up with a different method. 
I made a spread sheet with all the seeds listed on one side, a column for how many seeds/Packets, when I got them, and where they came from. 
I made a second spread sheet with the same list of seeds that is labeled Plants to keep track of what I plant.  (I didn't take a picture of the plant list)

This has been invaluable in keeping track of what I have and need.  I saved it and used pencil so I can easily update it as needed.  Each year I can revise my list and add any varieties I acquire.

Now for where I got seeds.  If you check out this post you'll remember our trip to Baker Creek. I bought a majority of our seeds from them again this year.  We are striving to plant only heirloom, organic seeds and they are a great source. 

Next we did pick up some seeds from the company White Harvest.  They had them at a local store we were in and they too deal only in heirloom seeds.  They are a bit smaller than Baker Creek so they don't have the selection on variety but I found they tend to me a little cheaper on what they do have. They do have all the basics and are a great place to start. 

Lastly, we attended a seed swap.  That was a neat event where area gardeners who all grow heirloom seeds got together and shared what they had.  The just brought in seeds they had packaged up and put them on a table and everyone walked around chatting and picking up what they needed. No money involved!  Not even really a trade as it was just a take what you need and leave what you have.  We didn't have much being our first year to this event and it didn't matter.  We were encouraged to take what we needed and to bring in seeds next year.  What a way to help each other out. And it was a room packed with those who knew.  They were all willing to answer and share their knowledge. It is sure to become a yearly event for us.

Each year I will collect seeds from our own garden and buy less.  Eventually, we hope to not need to buy seeds but be able to plant from what we grow.

So we have seeds now to get planting. Many we will be starting somewhat indoors. Many will be going into the cold frames that are almost done.....  So stay tuned :) 
 How's your garden planning going??

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Yet?

I desperately want spring to be here.  We get a few nice days then some cold and rainy days.  The rain wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so cold.
So here's what we've been up too.

We built cold frames/hot boxes for plants.  They will be filled with soil and topped with glass.  This is in process obviously.

 We recruited some help to paint them. 
Didn't show up well in this picture but Sugar Bug got a little carried away and got just as much paint on her legs, arms, hair, ect.. :)  Like her annoyed look because we wanted a picture of it.

Sure sign of spring and warming temps.  The turtles are coming out. Sugar bug is finding several by our pond.  What an awesome place for a kid to explore!

Lastly, Super D has been working on getting our solar panels set up. 
 We are slowly getting things accomplished.  I'm anxious to start planting and will be starting seeds indoors or rather in the cold frames soon.  I will fill you in on my garden work more this season.  We still have a list a mile in a half long but are all feeling a bit more energized as the sun comes out more.  I hope to get outdoors more for some R&R in the woods exploring a bit too.
Looking forward to green and spring flowers!