Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our First Night

                First thing first, stretch our legs!  Super D has to take Mr. R to his parents home (not to far from our land) so he can get home.  While he does that Sugarbug and I walk the land with the dogs and breathe a sigh of relief that we are here.  Ok I breathe Sugarbug runs off extra pent up energy.   We have our cars and trailer pulled to the side of the county dirt road next to our property.  While Sugarbug and I are waiting for Super D to get back we meet our neighbors down the road a bit.  I think they thought we broke down or something.  I introduce myself and let them know we are moving in.  Super D comes back and his mom shows up to greet us.  So now our goal is to make a way to the bed so we have a place to sleep tonight. 
Meeting Grandma S on the dirt road

Veiw from bed :)
                Super D first has to unhook the truck from the trailer. Then we have to start unloading what we can to get to the bed.  Thankfully, Super D’s brother lives close and has a huge garage/storage area that has some room in it for our stuff.  So the unloading begins.  We are able to fill the back of two trucks, Super D’s and his step dads, with stuff from the trailer so that I can move all the clothes off the bed.  Thankfully we used blankets to pad big things we packed so we have plenty of those available to sleep with.  By the time its dark we have the bed cleared and made somewhat with blankets.  There is just enough room to get into the trailer and to the bed.  I did manage to find Sugarbug some pajamas to put on but Super D and I are stuck with what we have on.  Honestly we are all so tired I don’t think we care!  We all pile on to the queen size bed and sleep. 

Sugarbug in Pj's ready for bed.
                Super D wasn’t able to level the trailer very much on the side of the road so we are all rolling into him in the night.  When we went to bed we are all hot so I just have a light blanket on us.  But somehow Super D didn’t hear me tell him I have more blankets on my side of the bed when he gets cold. He was pretty annoyed when he woke up in the middle of the night cold trying to get warm in this what he called paper thin blanket and then looks over to see me and Sugarbug wrapped up in a big fluffy blanket.   Poor guy thought we were holding out on him.  I did share and we all stayed warm and woke up with the sun and birds of Missouri.

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