Sunday, August 3, 2014

NOOOOOO! Come Back Please!!

I am not ready for August!! Can someone tell me what happened to June and July??  We've had a busy summer working hard and trying to take advantage of all the moments we can to play.  So here is a recap of the fun stuff...
June means a Birthday for Sugar Bug and as usual she wanted to spend it at the river.

This year we did go to a new location.  Sugar bug wanted a bridge to jump off of.  As seen above. 
We had a blast and just as we all were about ready to leave it started to storm which cooled it off perfectly for hotdogs and cake at home.  We were all excited to have Grammy be able to visit us twice this summer.  The first time being for Sugar bug's birthday.
We managed to get this family picture while out showing Grammy the Ozarks.

Then in July my sister and baby niece got to visit.  We had fun showing off the area and playing.
 Which means a trip to Dawt mill for ice cream and to play in the water a little...

In July we put on out own fireworks show and had a blast.  But I was so busy enjoying it all I didn't get any good pictures. We managed to go on several float trips too.  As August is here we are in the mist of planning school for the next year and will be starting to harvest and put up stuff from the garden.  Despite my failures I haven't given up on canning yet.  I'll try to get an update on all the garden goods soon..  Hope you all had a good summer!

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