Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Ok so time as gone into hyper drive again and left me in the dust.  Somehow a whole month has gone by since I posted anything.  I've had a couple ideas and thoughts but just been busy.  So what's been happening?
Well, besides Super D and I working opposite schedules which makes life crazy.  (He's working nights so he's headed to work when I get home)  Somehow we've managed to fit in a quick trip to Branson. I've canned pumpkin, green beans, and jalapenos from the garden. (the only things that did well this year.) Super D got a crazy infection that I will spare you pictures of as it was bad!! Seeing doctor, two different antibiotics bad! Then we welcomed October in with a the big 16 for Sassafras...
So after all the healing and running a month has passed without me noticing.
Ok to the good stuff... Pictures...
 Go Karts!! Please for give the fuzziness as I took this from my Go Kart that was super slow.  I got the defective one. 

 And my favorite... Bumper Cars!

 And last we did putt putt golf.  It was a great day and the next day we got some shopping in.

Next post Birthday for Sassafras...

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