Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall is here!

So No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Yet. :)  We have been busy!  Most days I feel like I am just trying to stay above water.  I took on a second part time job at the end of summer here.  But it is seasonal and will end this month.  School is back in session at our house and that takes up a good portion of each day.   Super D got the Chevelle put together and it is in driving condition.

Super D has done an amazing job at getting this up and running.  It is a fun car.  That man didn't even make it through the first weekend of it running well before he bought the next project car. The next one will be neat so we will see how that works.  We have lots going on around here it seems.
The garden has pretty well this year.  I got a great pepper harvest and some tomatoes.  We had so much rain at the beginning of the season that tomatoes didn't do well.  They were just splitting and rotting before they could ripen. But as we have moved in to fall they are doing decent. I expect the first frost to shut down the rest of the garden any day now.  Next post will be how I canned my jalapenos. 

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