Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Fun!

We have had several birthdays to celebrate since arriving. The first was our neice's who turned 3. Next our nephew. His we celebrated at our place. 
For our nephews birthday he want nothing more than to come out and drive our 4 wheeler.  What 11 y. old boy doesn’t?  But we only have one 4 wheeler and 4 kids.  Yes they can take turns but of course no wants to wait.  So Super D to the rescue.  He ingenuously found a use for the canoe with a hole in it. 

What I don't need the paddle??

Aunt S andSuper D. Brother and sister at it again.

 Hold on! We're going over!

And the Birthday boy dance!

This kept the kids busy for several hours!  Then we went to the river where they had more fun.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such tired kids at the end of the day. Since then we have added more fun outside games. We are looking forward to having many fun times with family and friends here. So don’t be strangers. Come by for a visit.
For Sugarbug's birthday we went to the river.  Two day's even.  We went to Blue spings as a family on her actual birthday and another river with everyone for her party.  Sugarbug got her cowboy hat from Grammy and was so excited.  She's gotten many compliments on it! It was so HOT that the candles on the cake were melting and my cake never did cool after being baked. 

Blue Springs, Very cold water!

See all my poor candles. We could only light a couple of them.

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