Saturday, July 7, 2012


       We have our garden in! Well, mostly.  We decided that since we didn’t have our rotitiller up and running yet that we would spot plant.  We dug holes about the size of a five gallon bucket and filled it with a rich soil we got from the river bank to plant in.  We have 11 tomato plants and a couple cucumber plants in.  We still have a few more to plant but have got a good start.  By next year we will continue to add holes and some raised beds.  The advantage of these holes is no weeding or at least very little.  We will just mow around our plants and only need to pull weeds right next to plants.  Every year we will add to our garden and should have a nice large one in a year or two. 

Plumbing (kinda)

       No we didn't get a working toilet or running water but Super D fixed the sinks so that they drain outside into a bucket where we can use our grey water to water the garden.  I know this is a little thing but it has made washing dishes so much easier!  I am really loving it. 


        We have AC.  Well, we have a room AC that really cannot keep up with the insane heat we've been having but it is helping us survive.  It cools us when we are on the couch doing nothing because it is too hot to move.  Some days it really feels that way!  Hopefully we will get some rain soon. Our poor field that was so beautiful and green is brown it's been so hot.  Even some of the trees are starting to turn colors as we have such high heat and no rain. 
This was taken several weeks ago it's even more brown now! 

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