Wednesday, August 8, 2012


    Super D has been at it again!  He built us a table and shelves for the trailer.  This has really helped to get things in order and give us a place to eat indoors.  I love the new space and getting things up off the floor. 
I love how this frames the window and the top self extends the whole side of the trailer.

Sassafras trying it out mid build.  See all the stuff I was trying to get off the floor. :)

         So did you wonder how I do laundry with out running water?  Well, right now we go to the laundry mat.  But right now it usually costs us under $10 to wash everything about every week or two but if we dried the clothes there it would more than double that!  So we bring home the wet clothes and line dry everything.  The first time we did this we winged it and Super D ran a couple lines for me.  I don't think we realized how much we had to hang!

      That is actually a the volleyball net we set up, plus lines to the four wheeler and from the trailer over.   We have since put up a nice long line that zigzags through the trees.  
     Next on the list for upgrades is to keep clearing out the woods a bit.  (Most of that work was halted due to extreme heat!) And hopefully a well soon.  Still pricing them out and figuring out the best way to go about it.  Super D is also wanting to get  a couple more solar panels built too.  Again extreme heat has really slowed us down.  But we got some glorious rain the other night and it has cooled slightly.  Amazing how 90 degrees feels nice after weeks of 100 + temps.

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