Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vacation back home?

        Well, we had a great vacation to Colorado to visit family and friends.  We also got to stop in Okahoma and visit Grammy for her birthday. (I'd tell you which one but I fear for my life) We only got to stay the weekend with Grammy but we had a blast celebrating out playing putt putt golf.  Never knew that to be so dangerous!  So to the fun stuff here are the pictures from this adventure  :) 

Super D and Sassafras relaxing at Great Grandmas

Great Grandma left the cooking to us and Sugarbug was only to ready to make pumpkin pie!

Grandpa and Sugarbug (Super D's dad)

A whole mess of kids we had over one afternoon,  Not sure Grandma knew how to handle that :)  (Mom's if you want these pics I'll e-mail them to you just let me know!)

Grandma fell in love with our doggies we tried to leave them with her :)  Sorry Grandma has made it clear she doesn't want to have her picture online so I blocked her but couldn't resist the picture. 

      After Colorado it was back to Oklahoma! Time to party :)
Me and the Birthday Girl. 
Sugarbug insisted that Grammy blow out a candle and since I forgot to get them for her cake this was all we could find.

Playing in the arcade waiting for our turn at putt putt, I think Sugarbug is about to crash!
Yeah Hole in one for the Birthday Girl!  
Aunt J (My sister) taking her turn. Note the water behind her. 

 Now note Sugarbug with no shoes and wet pants!  Apparently my children can not resist water.  :)  She fell in chasing a run away ball.
All in all we had an awesome Vacation and I learned why I'm happy to be back in Missouri and now feel like we are at home.  But that's for next time. 

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