Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crazy Mushroom People

A friend dubbed us the Crazy Mushroom People.

I think I'm beginning to see why.

We went mushroom hunting again!  I think we are slightly addicted and love tramping through the woods.  We are getting better about spotting them and knowing what we want to look for. 
Beefsteak Mushroom- Super D tried said it tasted acidy.  (AGAIN DO NOT TRY A MUSHROOM THAT YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE IT IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! PICTURES ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR IDENTIFICATION. Local names of mushrooms are different in different areas most use the Latin names to identify. Don't use my pictures alone to identify a mushroom do your research.  I can not be responsible for you getting sick or worse!)

These are our pear shaped puffballs.  We got a whole basket full.  They were wonderful.  A light mushroom flavor.  We sauteed them in butter and onions flavored with a little garlic and added cheese.  Yum!

These are our Giant Puffballs.  These were almost the size of a soccer ball.  They are edible when fresh but these where a little too old.  When we cut them open they were yellow and green on the inside, when young they are pure white.  We'll keep our eyes peeled for more of these!
  We saw these monsters on the road while going 50mph down the highway!  Of course we had to stop.  No idea what they are we couldn't identify them but they were cool looking.
Mushrooms come in more colors and shapes than I ever could have imagined!  The red one is small but so cool looking.  It was a very delicate mushroom and slimy feeling. Below is a coral mushroom.  Edible and good.  This is what we were on the hunt to collect. 

We were successful!  That mountain of coral will feed 3 families!  The purple ones are  Purple-Gilled Laccaria and they are absolutely delicious.  We really like them.  They taste like your classic mushroom only better.  I'm sure our mushroom adventures aren't over anytime soon.  I only shared a couple of our 100 pictures we have already.  Glad you could join us.  :)

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