Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Family Time = Fun, Fun, Fun

          Family is important to us.  Sadly not all of our family is close by but we do have a good chunk here.  We tend to get together as often as we all can.  Give us any reason to have a party and we will. :)  We had a blast this weekend hanging out with family and friends.  We made it to a church meeting that was by a beautiful lake and got a great family picture.
Then home to let the Party begin.

A party at our place means a big fire will be involved.  Above you have the Aunt and Uncle and kiddos.
Mother and kids hanging out. Some how I caught both Grandma S and Aunt S with thier eyes closed.
Of course we have to have target practice.  You'll notice kids in the background playing ball. 
We had a blast with shooting of all guns and bows, games of kickball, volleyball, and tag.  Everyone had a great time and we will miss being able to do these much more as the weather really starts to cool off. 
Our next big party is yet to come though, Sassafras has a birthday next week so we will have at least one more big brawl.  :) 

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