Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 From the S family to yours have a Very Merry Christmas this year!

      For me Christmas tastes like my grandma's Christmas Date Nut Roll! When I was growing up we all looked forward to grandma's care package of Christmas candy. 10 years ago she quit making it as it was quite a chore for all she made from scratch.  I am overjoyed that this year with my help she passed on her knowledge of Date Nut Roll. It has made our Christmas holiday so special. Now I can continue to make it yearly!
      Christmas means good food with family, games together, and decorating cookies with my children.We have never been big on Christmas shopping.  We do a little but truly we are a service oriented family.  We cook extra special meals and help loved one's tackle honey do lists that are never ending. (We miss you Grandpa & Dad!)
       Our traditions were a little different this year but we did what we could and have loved time with family. First in Tulsa and then back home.  It's like two Christmases!
     So mom's get out of the kitchen, dad's put down the work, kids turn off the TV and enjoy each other today, you never know when tomorrow may be taken away. Give someone a hug today!
   May you cherish your time with family and friends. May you be thankful for gifts from God and blessings you have received. I lift those hurting up in prayer today. May you know you are not alone.

What's Christmas to you?

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