Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Winter Wonderland

I miss snow.  If it is going to be below freezing it should be snowing. In my opinion :) So since we can't make it snow outside we settled for snow inside.
Sugar Bug cut out snowflakes to decorate and we put up twinkly lights for Christmas.  We have no room for a tree so this is our next best.  Plus I could only access two of the Christmas decoration boxes. 
Doesn't this look cozy?  Super D is warming is feet as it was a super cold morning! I just loved sitting at the table looking in at my family two sweethearts and doggies buried in covers sleeping and the sound of a crackling fire.  How much more country can you get? :)
Hope where ever you are you are enjoying your family and friends this Christmas Season!
I'll add our annual Christmas Pictures soon! (after I take them) 

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