Friday, January 18, 2013

Horses... um No!

Now by the title I'm sure someone is convinced I'm afraid of horses.  Not so.  In fact like most little girls I dreamed of having a horse and looked foward to riding horses every chance I could. That happened in the summer for a couple years when I went to girl scout camp. 
  As an adult I'm a little more rational about the idea of horses.  While I truly do understand that some really love horses and want them they are not for us.  Now of course Sugar Bug hates that this is the conclusion that Super D and I came to. (Ok, so he's stronger than me as the little girl in me could probably be talked into having a horse)  Sugar Bug has a special love for animals.  All of them and especially horses.
This is Sonny and a mule.  Sonny is the neighbors and the mule was behind us and they both learned quickly that there is a little girl here that loves to lavish attention on them. 
  We simply have no use for horses.  We have no desire to care for them and have no real reason to have them as they provide no food source and we no longer use them to power machines.  Sugar Bug on the other hand would love to have horses around.  And takes every opportunity she can to ride them at her Aunts.  We are thankful she has horses for Sugar Bug to enjoy. 
Now the little girl in me still likes horses and I have even gone riding with Sugar Bug.
 We had a good day riding. 
Until.....  A horse I won't mention by name got spooked by the wind and tossed me off.  OUCH!  I thankfully didn't not break any bones but could hardly walk back and had the biggest bruise I have ever gotten and hurt for weeks!
Sassafras isn't into the horse thing and wasn't up for riding and after my fall won't get on a horse.  So since then these are more my style.


Ok so I haven't really gotten on a pony but these little guys are super cute and sweet.  Sugar Bug still rides the big horses and one day I'll get back on the horse but my pain is still a little too fresh in my memory.


 Even Sassafras will get on one of these guys.  I guess the fact that her feet are inches instead of feet from the ground helps. :) 
So Thank you Aunt J!  We'll be back for more pony/horse riding soon...
(For the record these pictures were taken this fall and over several trips to Uncle W's and Aunt J's to ride)


  1. cowgirls don't cry..they just limp along an get bk on..lovu frm colocowgirl