Thursday, January 17, 2013


I get so excited to see upgrades and changes come that I always want to yell it!  One day the girls and I went to town for laundry and supplies and came home to this.
Yeah Shelves!!!! Yes I know someone is shaking their head because I'm so excited over something so silly but truly this is a life saver.  And your getting a picture after I loaded them with clothes.  This freed up one super small closet and got my Sassafras out of her suitcase. Poor girl has spent almost 6 mos living out of her suitcase!
   This also got me thinking how we tend to own a ridiculous amount of clothes.  This is pared down from what we had in Colorado as I cleaned out our closets as I packed only about half of what we had.  With these shelves I still probably got rid of about half!  I decided I was done finding space for clothes.  If it doesn't fit on the self (we each get one) then you have to part with something.  (We all have a few items hanging in the other closet but the majority is on the shelves)  It has been a great lesson in simplifying. 

Good job Super D!  Keep up the good work ;)

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  1. Shelve life savors..origanizors...awesome