Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Lies We Believe....

     So how many times have you been clicking around a blog, Pinterest, Facebook or flipping a magazine while wishing you could live their lives?  I want what they have....

I think we've all done this. But remember pictures, even videos, are just snap shots of what really goes one.  Most of us are putting our best foot forward to share with our readers.  I have been known to move junk out of the way of a picture so you see what I want you to see and not the dirty dishes in the background. 
Today I thought I'd break the mold and show you the bad and ugly side too...

This was taken just on a random day.  Some days the trailer looks worse and some better.   Living in a small space means that surfaces get cluttered and messy quick.   After one meal the kitchen counter is overflowing.  The tight space can sometimes drive me nuts.  I have had to learn to live in the moment, and to look the other way when things can't get done right then. 
Thankfully a small space also means it doesn't take too long to clean up.  Staying on top of everything can be tough with four people using the space.  It seems the second I clear a space someone is putting something in it again. 
Living in small space does have some advantages. I enjoy being close to my family, I like that I can sit at the table, on the couch or even be in my bed and  know what everyone else is up too.  We like the open kitchen and living area and plan to include that when we build. 

I miss having a flush toilet and shower.  I am ready to have some of those conveniences back!  We may have some of them back soon....

I may not have a picture perfect home but it is home and I am thankful for what we have. 
A while ago I posted what I do daily.. Well, it's changed since then so I thought I'd update my day to day activities .
I get up between 7 and 8 most mornings.  By 9 I milk Sweet Pea (our family cow)  That is first thing.  She starts demanding attention the minute she realizes anyone is up an moving. 
Most days include collecting eggs, making butter (about every third day), schooling the girls, and cleaning up the trailer.  
Then each day I prepare the things I make weekly, like granola and yogurt.  I try to do those things on the days I don't work at the store. 
I still love this land.  I love looking out each morning and seeing the beauty and looking up each night and seeing the stars.  I love the feeling of what I do really mattering to our daily life.  If I don't milk the cow, we don't have milk. If I don't collect the cream I can't make butter. 

I know my life is different but It's mine. :)  Any questions?

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