Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BIG Changes!!!

  I'm sorry!  I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog.  Not sure who reads it but I do enjoy writing for it.  It has been a crazily busy month.  Super D made it back from Colorado and we have been trying to catch up and have had new opportunities.  The big one being..........

We moved.  Yes, you read that right.  We moved again!  But not too far.  We only moved about a city block away.  Next door out here.  We have one neighbor  between us and new place.   We moved to 4 acres with a mobile home on it. 
We now have running water, electric on demand, toilets, and showers.  Even a huge bathtub.  Several factors played into our decision but don't worry we haven't abandoned our dreams, they are just evolving with life. :) 

We somehow managed to move, throw a birthday party, and have company in a 5 day period!  I've hardly had a moment to call my own.  But as life is getting back to routine I will fill you all in! 

I have some pictures saved to show you but still need to download them. I wanted to check in though. I will update very soon with all the new news!   What are you all up to this fall??  Anyone have any good adventures?

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