Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Yet?

I desperately want spring to be here.  We get a few nice days then some cold and rainy days.  The rain wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so cold.
So here's what we've been up too.

We built cold frames/hot boxes for plants.  They will be filled with soil and topped with glass.  This is in process obviously.

 We recruited some help to paint them. 
Didn't show up well in this picture but Sugar Bug got a little carried away and got just as much paint on her legs, arms, hair, ect.. :)  Like her annoyed look because we wanted a picture of it.

Sure sign of spring and warming temps.  The turtles are coming out. Sugar bug is finding several by our pond.  What an awesome place for a kid to explore!

Lastly, Super D has been working on getting our solar panels set up. 
 We are slowly getting things accomplished.  I'm anxious to start planting and will be starting seeds indoors or rather in the cold frames soon.  I will fill you in on my garden work more this season.  We still have a list a mile in a half long but are all feeling a bit more energized as the sun comes out more.  I hope to get outdoors more for some R&R in the woods exploring a bit too.
Looking forward to green and spring flowers! 

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