Monday, May 12, 2014

In the Ozarks 2 years!

  Hard to believe we've been here just over 2 years now.  The time has flown by for me.  I'm often asked if I still like it. Yes, I love it here.  I have yet to grow tired of the beautiful views God has created.  I love looking out the front window at the green hills and the life they contain.  I love sitting in my living room looking at my wood stove and seeing the fire twinkling as it warms our house. 
I am truly blessed! 

But, while blessed I am we have had trials and those trials have made us stronger.  With each new improvement and advance I am thankful for the accomplishment. 
One such improvement is that after 2 years I no longer sleep on the floor!  Yes we always has a mattress so really it wasn't that bad. But that mattress was just on the floor. 

Both in the fifth wheel trailer. Like above and you couldn't stand up in the space. So we crawled into bed literally for the first year and a half. 
Then we moved and had a real room but no furniture so we were still on the floor. 
But no longer!

Super D built this amazing bed for us.  I hesitated sharing it as it is still unfinished but couldn't wait any longer.  Now we have to climb into bed but it is in progress.  Still needs stained and some more additions.  It is amazing though and I am happy to be up off the floor!

While we are on beds I'll share the girls beds too.  These have been built quite a while.  They got up off the floor much sooner. :)

Super D calls these floating bunk beds.  He plans to build a desk under each one for them.  But we'll see if that happens.  It opened up their room quite a bit so they have some space. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms.  (I know I'm a day late)  Thank you to my family for showing me a wonderful day even though I had to work. 

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