Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Wear sunscreen!  I got the first big sunburn of the season. For the record mom I attempted to put on sunscreen but should have had the kids help me.  Hence it fades from white to red.  And the tag on my tank top was up so I got a lovely square in the middle of my back.  *rolling eyes*

These are our new summer toys! Super D and the girls have gotten to take them out a couple times.  I got out with them once.  They are so much fun and relaxing.  I envision many trips on them.

I staked out our humming bird feeder to get you all a picture.  But when I got the camera out they got shy.  Couldn't get a picture of them at the feeder go figure.  This guy landed on the volleyball net. 

Here's my attempt at a picture.  See the tail? Sugar bug has taken to filling up this feeder and keeping it full for our Hummers.  I love sitting out on our deck and watching them buzz by. 

That's the start of our warm season.  We are looking forward to more fishing, hiking, kayaking, and even bike riding.  Taking time to do the fun stuff is essential to my sanity but is hard to do with us working and keeping the farm running. 

Have any good plans?

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