Thursday, April 14, 2016

Long, long, overdue update!

    So I looked up today and life has raced by!  My girls are growing up way too fast.  Our lives have been busy.  I changed jobs and we are gearing up for a summer of floating, gardening, and building.  Our goal is to get our shop built in the next couple months. 

   The last couple months have been filled with work and some play.  January is birthdays for Super D and me.

The boys has fun target practicing on Levi's birthday.  It was a beautiful day and yes they are outside in January in t-shirts!  I love it! 

After one such fun night our buddy almost was ready to head home but needed a little more shut eye :) 

Who knew that at 12 years old you could still be very entertained by a box.  Sugar Bug spent many hours creating this box of inspiration.

We are just thankful around here that winter is over and warm weather is here.  It gets nicer everyday and we have a huge list of chores and projects for the summer. 

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