Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It's mushroom season again!  In the spring the morels are popping and this week I found my first morel!!!!  My friend called it and adult Easter egg hunt and she was right!  I was sooooo excited to find one. 

Isn't she pretty!  And she was a good size too.  (I don't know why it's a she just sounded right)
Ok so she was the first and only one I've found so far.  Lucky for us I took friends and Super D with me on my hunt. 
With all of us we found over 30!  Morels are one of the easiest to identify mushrooms. 
 (Do your research before eating any mushroom! Eating a mystery mushroom can KILL you so be 100% sure of what you have!)
And they are delicious!  We sautéed our up with asparagus.
Good luck Hunting!  I will be out in the woods again soon looking for more.  With spring all sorts of wild edible are getting ready to be picked. Keep your eye out for them as you hunt :) 

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