Sunday, June 24, 2012

1 Month Anniversary!

                As of April 30, 2012 we have been here 1 month.  We had a great day.  It amazes me how much you can accomplish in a day when not distracted by the TV or computer.  In one day we went fishing at two locations, had ice cream at Dawt Mill to celebrate catching fish and 1 month, cooked a egg and hash brown breakfast,  read a book, got water from the neighbor, cooked dinner, made campfire oat granola, and got all the dishes cleaned and put away.  We still had time to watch a movie.  Super D cut wood and Sugarbug had a blast playing with 2 box turtles we picked up while fishing.

The bass we couldn't keep!

Super D's biggest catch so far.

                We are settling in to life here.  Super D applied for a job and goes in this week to take tests.   We have learned to get by going to town once every two weeks.  If we don’t get what we need then you learn to live without until the next trip.  D’s store carries a lot of things but is expensive.  So we really try not to have to buy food stuff there.  Every day we do something different.  We always try to get something done around the house.  Weekends are usually for visiting friends and family.  Every Day we learn something new. 
campfire granola

                In one month we have accomplished mowing an acres worth of land to live on, setting up a fire pit, cutting and stacking wood, unpacking the house and getting most things in place, moving the trailer into the spot we want, expanding the fire pit, building an outhouse, getting a culvert put in, and laying out plans for building and garden.

.  Yes, I said outhouse.  We now have our very own outhouse to use.  It is an improvement from finding a tree.  Levi ran out of wood but it will have a roof and wood door soon.  Right now the sheet works well.   Sugarbug even called dibs to use it first.          

Our next goals are to build some steps or deck for the trailer. Right now it is a very big step to get into the trailer and needs more steps but we would like to add a deck area. We need to dig post holes to start building a garage like building over the trailer and out the back for space to park cars, storage, and room for Super D to work.  Finish up the outhouse and get the garden going.  Here we are already behind on planting season.  Most people have their tomato plants in the ground already.  Also I am continually trying new things to cook on a campfire to expand what we eat.  We are learning what grows natively that we can use. We have a sassafras tree growing behind our trailer.  We’ve learned sassafras is used to make root beer.  I can’t wait to try it.  We are looking forward to many more adventures!
Our place at 1 month

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