Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coffee and Ants

Most of you who know me well know I am not a coffee drinker.  I will choose tea every time.   While I will still pick tea over coffee I have become a coffee drinker.  It happened quickly and somewhat by accident.  On our way up here I was VERY tired the first day we were driving.  I complained to Mr.R that I couldn’t stop yawning while we were waiting to get gas at a stop.  We’ll I think I worried him I might fall asleep at the wheel so he bought me a Starbucks double mocha shot drink of some kind.  He knows I don’t like coffee but told me it was more chocolate than coffee.  Well, he was right it still had a bit of coffee taste but was mostly chocolate and sweet.  After drinking only half I was awake and didn’t yawn the rest of the day.  In fact I was awake long into the night it did its job well.  I really did like the taste and it woke me up better than soda so I did have one more on the trip driving when tired is just not fun.  I probably wouldn’t have started drinking coffee even after that but when we go to D’s Store to get on the internet coffee is available and cheap.  At 75 cents for all you can drink, and we can sit there as long as we like to use internet it’s a pretty good deal.   I’m disappointed they don’t have tea but they do have hot water so I may have to start taking my own tea with me.  I do have to dress up my coffee with sugar and cream.  I think I’m negating some of the health benefits of coffee with all the sugar and cream so I don’t think we’ll go get a coffee maker any time soon.
Sugarbug taking pic of Super D while waiting on me to finish posting.  :)

This happened about day 3.  I don’t have pictures of this thankfully! All of our clothes were packed into laundry baskets for the move.  When I went to work unpacking them I had Sugarbug bring me a basket at time to unpack and find homes for the clothes.  They were just sitting on the floor of the trailer.  Somehow the last two baskets had ants on them, little black ants. Sugarbug had brought me the last two baskets right after another.  The last one I noticed the ants before she set it down so I told her to take it outside.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of them just some on the top so I thought I’d shake the clothes off outside and look where the basket was to see where they came from.  The other basket was sitting on the bed and I went to pick it up to move it over and noticed it had ants.  So I started to carry it out half way there I look down and my chest is covered by hundreds of the little black things!  Aaack I run out the door throw the basket down and start jumping around, whipping off my shirt and bra to get all the ants off.  Thank goodness we are in the country where I’m a lot less likely to flash someone.  Sugarbug was laughing at me and told me “their just ants MOM!. “  Super D didn’t bat an eye at the whole thing.  I declared I was done working for the day and it was time for the river!          

Sugarbug shaking ants out of clothes
I did investigate but never did figure out where the ants came from and we haven’t had a problem with them since.  I was warned about the ticks and chiggers no one said anything about ants. J     
Setting up Movie Night. 

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