Sunday, June 17, 2012

Setting Up Home

                The routine for the next several weeks becomes work in the mornings and play in the afternoon.  Normally a night owl family here we find ourselves going to bed with the sun and getting up with the sun.   The trailer while now is unpacked is not organized a bit!  I can’t find anything yet and everything is still in boxes. Some boxes are here and some are at the garage at Super D’s brother’s that we stored stuff at.  So it takes me days to get everything in place.  I thought being a small kitchen it wouldn’t take long but finding places for everything to fit was kind of like doing a puzzle. 



Super D works on getting our solar panels set up and starts planning how we want to do things around here.  We find quickly that we need a way to cook food that won’t use so much propane.  So we get a fire pit put in.  Little things like that feel like grand achievements out here. 
Super D building fire pit

All of this will continue for some time I’m sure.  I do think Super D finally has a good reason for a riding lawn mower.  He has mowed close to an acres worth of grass twice now with his trusty push mower.  It does look nice and keeps the grass down.  The grass in the field is already knee high.  

Right now life here is like a camping trip. No we have no running water yet but we do have some electricity with the solar panels.  When we need more we run the generator for movie watching and any other items we need.  The solar panels keep our freezer and lights going great for us.  We spend most afternoons adventuring.  That could mean driving to one of the many bridges around here to check it out, going fishing, going to the river, 4 wheeling, checking out a local business or meeting up with Super D’s old friends.  There’s always something new to learn or see.  We have Super D’s brother, wife and 2 nieces close that Sugarbug loves to play with. 
Dinner is done!

I love that while we have a lot to do around here we can work at our own pace.  We don’t feel pressured to get things done fast.  We are enjoying taking our time to do things the way we want and truly appreciate all our little upgrades.  It is never boring around here!

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