Sunday, March 10, 2013

270 Feet!

That is how deep our well is.  Our well is dug and we are one step closer to having our own water. This is a huge relief and we are excited about it.  We still have some work to do as we have to get a pump into the hole and have a way to power the pump.  All detail Super D is working out. 
Nevertheless, we had fun watching the well guys work and they must of though I was nuts as I took pictures of every phase of work. 
 Just set up the drill...This reminded me of my Dad who worked on oil rigs.  He would have loved to see all this!

 Drilling Begins

Here they put a flap over where the drill goes into the ground as lots of stuff was flying... Yes that's water!  This was early on.  We actually hit rock at 12 feet. (that's a good thing) and had good water at 70 feet.  But Missouri has a law that says you have to drill and case (steel tube down the hole) for 80 feet!  So because of a law we had to keep going and didn't hit enough water again until 270 feet.  Sadly that law cost us alot of money. 
The steel liner going in.
All that gravel is ground rock from the hole.  They made a little dam with it and put that pipe in to measure the flow of water.  It measured by how long it takes to fill the gallon jug.  We stopped drilling when we were getting 10 gallons a minute. 
All said and done this is our expensive but life giving hole in the ground.  Now how to get the water out of there and to where we want it???
That is a story for another day.  Any questions?

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