Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break

OK, so we took spring break a little early but it was nice.  We had the opportunity to go and meet my sister in Oklahoma and visit my mom and grandma all at once.  We were paying our repects to a dear family friend who passed away and while that was bitter the rest of the trip was sweet....

 Game Night!  We had fun playin Mexican Train Dominoes. 

 You can see it in Sugar bug's eyes..... "My hair is fine Grammy!"

We got to go to the Tulsa Zoo. We'll we tried to go on one day that was nice weather and beautiful. Same day the above picture was taken. But the line to get in was a mile long and we decided we didn't want to fight the crowds.  So we went the next day it was cloudy and chilly but not too cold to be misrible and nice because there were few people.  But I think the previous days crowds wore the animals out alot of them were sleeping but we still got to see alot of neat animals up close!

Yes, that is a camel and yes it has a saddle and harness so of course we have to ride!  It was very cool but as I was riding no one took pictures.  (although Aunt J bought some so I just have to wait to get my copy) 

Spring is in the air in Tulsa.  This tree was one of only a few I saw blooming.  But I love the promise of summer that it brings!

Isn't he magnificent. We even got to hear him roar! It was incredible.

This is what most of the animals looked like :) 

Sassafras walking with a sea lion.  So beautiful.

Grammy took this picture but we had entered the rainforest an the lens kept fogging up on her.  This was the best one.


My favorite!  Dogs, cats, chickens, bears, it doesn't matter Sugar Bug talks to them all. This was a grizzly and.....

Here's her with a polar bear at the denver zoo several years ago.  Just our little animal whisperer!

We had a great time just us girls.  Super D had to stay home and work. We are glad to be home and things are really picking up with the nice weather we have more often now...  I promise lots of new things to come!

Let me know... What do you want to know about our life?? What questions do you have?  I would love some input and ideas...

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