Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colorado Snow?!?!?!

  OK so I think we brought a little Colorado weather with us!  We just got 7 inches of snow in March!  It is a good wet snow that wil really help with water levels and we had a blast playing in it...  Now I am not one for cold, but if it must be cold I want snow to go with it.  I love the snow.  I love to play in it sledding, building snowmen, and snow forts.  Never been much of a skier, I think it was always just too expensive a hobby for us.  I love the night sky when it's snowing, so bright and light out in the middle of the night.  Best of all the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow untouched that layers the earth like a blanket. 
Pictures never do it justice!    By the way, the ditch there is for plumbing to the trailer.  :)

 Well, I think we miss 4 wheeling the mountians a bit. Super D pulled the canoe like a sled but slid down the hill ito the trees.

While Super D unstuck the jeep, the girls and I made a massive snowball....
We actually made two, I'm sitting on one, but they were too heavy to stack.
Fluffy found a nice warm spot to cuddle up. Of course Sugar bug doesn't mind.
I swear my kids and husband are like Tim Taylor on the TV show Home Improvement "Arr Arr Arr More Power" :)

Who knew water toys could be so much fun in the snow too!

So much fun and beauty!  Now, I'm ready for warm weather and spring please!

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