Thursday, April 11, 2013

Canyon Hike

My sister-in-law had a birthday and wanted an adventure to take the family on. Well, we got it.  We went hiking up and down a canyon and it was the perfect way to kick off spring!  Enjoy the view...

The Beginning.  There was a small trail along this creek but it quickly turned to more climbing than walking.  A true hike in my opinion. :)

    Cousin C and Sassafras were not amused.  Waiting for the stragglers was no fun.

     View from the top. 

  Good thing she wore orange and I have good zoom on the camera as this is zoomed in all the way otherwise they looked like ants at the bottom from where I took the last picture!

  Grandma S where we stopped for a break before heading back.

   The water was rushing everywhere and we had lots of little waterfalls to look at.  I loved it!

  Looks almost alien huh? These's are frog eggs sitting in a puddle.
Here my sister-in-law picks up a cluster.  You can see the tadpoles forming.  So neat. Now this is hands on school!

This fence lizard trying to stay warm is the only other life we saw this day.  I'm sure we were loud enough to scare anything else off.

End of the line for us.  There was to no way to get to this spot with out getting very wet. :) 

As incredible as it sounds this is a cave entrance.  Were glad no one fell in but of course that didn't stop us from climbing down to check it out.

Sassafras climbing out and yelling at me to put the camera down and help her. 

Super D took this one from inside the cave looking up at Sugar Bug.

    Also taken from inside the cave it had a second entrance from the water.
This picture taken from the other side. 
Passing little ones down. We have to get down through the hole under the rock.
Here's me landing. We all ended up with wet feet at some point in this journey.  I'll be sweet and not post all the others coming through this space.  I want my family to keep talking to me at least ;)
Our little neices were such awesome troopers.  We had to pass them over several spots as we criss crossed the creek on our way down.
Aunt M looking back while catching her breath. Yes we came through all that!
We made it! (actually this spot is a drive away from where we hiked)  Our Family photo. 
Happy Birthday Aunt S.  Hope you had a great day.

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