Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Power Please....

So I keep wondering if any readers wonder how I post on a blog when my profile tells you we have no electric? I guess I may need to reword it now that we have a well too. ;)
We have electricity but we are what they call off the grid.  We don't get our power from a power line feed by a power company that we pay to use their energy.  We run off of Solar.  In some of our pictures I'm sure you've seen our solar panels in the background.
This picture is from shortly after we moved here.  We had the panels leaning against the trailer until we could built a stand for them. 
Super D made these panels while we were in CO.  So we have had some power from the beginning.  The panels supplied enough energy for us to power or lights, TV, X-box, and freezer last summer.  At the end of summer we moved our freezers to a family members house to power while we were on our trip to Colorado, we never moved it back.  It worked out well there and we share it with our family too. 
Now, Super D has gotten into the business of selling and installing Solar for others.  Since we made our panels the cost of solar has come down significantly.  So we bought some new panels...
See the new panels leaning against the old behind the blue thing.  (that is the pressure tank for water.. and I was getting my garden rota tilled! Yeah!)
The difference is that the factory made panels produce more power than our homemade ones.  We upgraded a bit.  We have plenty of power most days.  When we have long stretches of cloud cover and run down our batteries we have a generator for back up.
Will we ever get on the grid?? Maybe, we did look into it but it costs to much to get us hooked up.and while I love not having a electric bill solar does take more thought and effort to watch what  you are using.  In the long run that is probably a good thing as we aren't wasting energy just because it's available.  But that also means we think twice about everything we plug in and things we want that will run off electric.  Eventually we will have enough solar or be on the grid to not worry to much about it. 

 You can tell we live in the information age as it was easier for us to get DSL Internet run to our place than to get a well drilled!  We are fortunate to live where they ran DSL so we have good Internet, go a couple miles up the road and they are still on dial up or have to get satellite Internet. 

So while we may live in the middle of nowhere we really aren't in the dark.  We have plenty of electronics to entertain and keep us busy along with everything else. :)
Any Questions?

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