Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pretty vs. Functional

      I started this post months ago and as usual life took over.  My days haave been super, super busy!  When I'm not working at the new job which I have decided is really my break time as I work at home a whole lot harder than I do at work.  :)  This week we have planted the garden which included 20+ tomato plants, 5 varities of greens, herbs, cucumbers, beans, and more!  Plus we got the garden fence up, mowed which is really a chore, and spent a small fortune on supplies to get our water running.  I have new blisters and cuts on my hands and tired muscles!

  So this post has been on my mind for some time as with many others I have in the works.  It's just going to take me a bit to get on a new habit with added jobs.  Plus with such pretty weather who wants to be indoors on the computer?
 I really wanted to get a picture of our land this year to compare to last year's picture.  I am hoping to show our progress.  So.....

Here is a picture from last year after we got here. 

        This is about a month in. Now I wouldn't say we have a pretty home by any means.  But does that matter?  The world seems to tell us it does.  I disagree!  My home in and of itself may not be beautiful but it works.  It does what it is supposed to which is keep the rain off our heads and provide warmth and protection ftom the elements. I even have a comfortable bed with lots of fluffy blankets.   I have power to relax in front of the TV if I want or play on a computer.  We have food and water to sustain us. 

1 year later....

This is today.  Not as much has changed on the outside but we've made great progress.  We have the chicken coop now and the dirt plot next to the coop is the garden.  We have the well dug and solar panels up.  We still have alot of work and are working diligently so it will get done and in the mean time we are enjoying the fruits of what we have accomplished.

None of this is to say we don't like pretty.  We do and have dreams to beautify things as we go. But at the moment funtion takes precident to making things look pretty. While we may not have beauty in our home we are surrounded by God's great beauty in nature. 

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