Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where is Spring?????

I am ready for spring to come in full force! Anybody else??

This picture was taken almost a month ago in April.  It was our first swimming trip to the river nice beautiful 80 degree day, although the water was still pretty chilly it didn't stop my kids from swimming to the favorite rock. 
Since then we have had lots of cold rain, sleet and several freezing nights and cold days.  Winter just seems to be hanging on a little too long for me. Last night it froze again getting into the high 20's.  Good greif it is MAY already we need some sun and warm weather, please!

The only plus is we have been so busy with work Super D solar installs and me with my new job we haven't gotten the garden planted yet as we wanted to but with the cold weather it was a blessing in disguise. So not too much new to report here. 
We have been mushroom hunting but the cold weather put a damper on that too.
I pray your spings are going better.  :)  Please send some warm weather this way if you can.  We made the mistake of taking out our wood stove in April when it was nice and warm so we've had lots of cuddle time to stay warm :)

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