Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baker Creek

So... this was about a month ago but wanted to get pictures up.  We spent a day at Baker Creek which is a old town tourist type place that raises veggies and sells heirloom seeds.  Their web site is
They were having their spring festival and Super D was working too.
Sugar Bug posing in front of Super D's and Boss's booth.  This place was packed with booths that ranged from plants, custom made crafts, and food.  It was so fascinating and neat.
 Sassafras was a little harder to catch in a picture.  She's even on the move in this one.  We were watching a blacksmith at work.
This is on our wish list. A solar oven.  We tried baking cookies but this day was too cloudy so we weren't very successful but on sunny days this thing can really cook!
  One of the old time looking buildings. 

We were so busy checking it all out I failed at getting too many pictures but we sure had a great day!
I got a bag full of seeds for the garden and some plants.  Our garden is planted finally we're hoping to have a good crop this year!

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  1. We have been there too. Great place and not too far from where we live :)