Sunday, April 6, 2014


Rest in Peace Sweet Pea....

 Yes we lost Sweet Pea.  We woke one morning to Sweet Pea mooing incessantly and pacing the fence line, this happens once every month or so.  We thought she was in heat and immediately arranged for a "play date" with a bull.  We loaded her up and took her to the dairy farm down the road. (extended families dairy) We dropped her off in a field with cows and bulls and she looked happy as she went to meet them. 
  Well, we left her for 3 days and couldn't find her when we went to pick her up.  Super D's cousin found her a week and a half later and she was dead.  (sorry to be so blunt but that's life on a farm sometimes)  We don't know how she died as she was half eaten by scavengers when found.  There are several possibilities, but most likely she was sick and we didn't know it. Her bellowing that we interpreted as her being in heat may have been pain.  Only God knows. 
At the end of the day we are out of a milk cow but Thor is doing good.  We plan to sell him soon and will put that money to another cow.

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