Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Years Old!

Sugar Bug, 10 years went by way too fast!  I still see you as my little 3 year old quite often and have to remind myself you are growing up!  At her request we went to her favorite spot to have a birthday party. 

Blue springs..
This was taken about a month before our party.  In the summer it's hard to get a picture with out people in it as it is a popular site.  The water is so clear and cold!

     It was a beautiful day for a picnic. Super D spiked his hair for the occasion.

         Sugar Bug wanted a dirt cake complete with pigs and worms.
We had blast swimming in the springs and challenging each other to jump in. 
We got a pretty good group jump here. 

       Except the guy in the white hat on the rocks everyone else was with us.  From the left we have Super D, Sweet Ma (me), Sassafras, Mr. R, Aunt M, and Uncle W.  

   Super D of course found a snake to play with.  This is a water snake they are pretty common here.

  Happy Birthday Sugar Bug! (a little late)

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