Thursday, June 27, 2013

Newest member of the S family..

  This is Sweet Pea... (we didn't name her but the name fits right in with us)

    She is a 2-3 year old Jersey heifer.  In cow speak that means her breed is Jersey and Heifer means girl  (usually it refers to a cow that hasn't had a calf yet) 
Sweet Pea is pregnant with her first calf now.  She is due at the end of the month (June)

So any day we will have a calf also.  As her name implies she is a sweet, curios cow. She reminds me of a big friendly dog that doesn't know her own strength.  She has caused a bit of trouble already escaping twice and going on her own little adventures.  Thankfully she comes home for dinner :)

    We are looking forward to fresh milk and all the things we can make with it! 
Our summer has been Super, Super busy and I have more coming as soon as I can get things uploaded.  Hope your summer is going well!

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