Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turtle Season

So it's the time of year the turtles are coming out to warm up after the cold winter.  I think we are starting a turtle farm!  Here are some that we caught.  We've let several go in the garden but I haven't seen them since.  We've enjoyed "tagging" them with nail polish on their backs so we know if we find the same one's later. 

 The small ones are the cutest!  This is a small water turtle next to our smallest box turtle.

For perspective at how tiny he is.  Amazing these guys survive the rivers!

Box turtles this small are a bit rare.  They are quite quick for turtles too. 

I thought the kids has taken pictures of their art on the turtles but I guess not.  Next time though.  So far we have also found a couple skinks.
This guy was a neat color.
 He is called a Coal Skink.

My personal favorite.  This gal made a cocoon in the outhouse.  It was neat to see her transformation.

Isn't she pretty!  We have so many cool butterflies here.  One of my favorite things.
Even a year later we love discovering nature everywhere we turn.  Always something neat to learn and look at.

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