Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Tradition

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you look”   To quote the song.   We had a blast getting our Christmas tree this year.  I haven’t had a real live Christmas tree since I was a kid.  When Super D and I got married we didn’t have any extra money for a tree.   We were lucky to have a fake tree given to us and for about 10 years that was what we set us every year.  We’ll when we moved and downsized that was an item that got left behind.  Last year if you remember we didn’t have room for a tree.  So I was excited this year!
And the search begins.  It was a beautiful sunny day with just enough snow on the ground to make it fun.  This was contestant #1,  first tree we looked at and really looked good but we wanted to search a little more.  It was slightly on the short side. 
Contestant #2  nice and full and right height but too wide.  So we keep looking.  By the way we are looking on our 6 acres where we have several smaller cedars growing. 
Gotta play in the snow a bit while looking!  The snowball ended up showering Sassafras as soon as we got the picture.  Trust me she had it coming.  Smile
And the winner is Contestant #3 Good height, a bit narrower, and full branches.  Down she comes.022
We got her loaded up and home.  Sugarbug helped me decorate after Super D got it set up and adjusted just right.  Sassafras make cookies for us while we worked.
Ta Da...  Okay so we learned some lessons.  Cedar trees are a bit more pokey than the fake ones and they tend to grow once you get them inside.  We ended up tying some branches up a bit to narrow it up even more so it fit better and we ended up cutting a bit off as it was slightly too tall for our roof.  The tree wants to lean to one side but I love it’s imperfections and love having a real one that smells great too. Goliath our dog wanted in on the actions and posed for this picture too. 
Hope your having a Great Holiday Season!

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