Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Here I was concerned I’d miss snow when we moved.  Well, I was wrong.  Missouri has not disappointed in giving me some snow.  Now it usually doesn’t stick around too long and I like that.  I think I got the better deal.  Ok on to the pictures.  As most of the US is in deep freeze right now we got this yesterday…

001 - Copy

                                              Defiantly a blanket of white.  And it was still snowing. 


002 - Copy             This is about 6” and only the half way mark.  It snowed the rest of the day and we have at least a foot! I even got the day off work as the store                                       closed early.

005 - Copy

                     Prince was cold too trying to stay out of the wind on the porch.  For some silly reason only  he knows he didn’t want in the coop with the rest of the hens.

So… If it doesn’t look too familiar these are all at the new place.  Which I promised.  ;)  Here are some not covered in snow so you can see the land…169



Well, I’m not talented enough to merge these two so you’ll have to use your brain.  But bottom one is by the Hwy which borders our property and then continues in.  You can see the pond in both pictures.  (that’s the dark spot surrounded by trees)  These are taken from our porch.  Here’s one taken from the other side of the pond looking back…


I love the reflection of the trees in this picture! You’ll have to use your imagination for how pretty everything will be in the spring when it greens up.  On this land we have quite a bit more woods.  The border of our land is a couple hundred feet from the tree line in some areas and it borders a property that is just a 2 acre slice of trees it has a rich history that we are trying to learn about.   But that’s for another day. 

010 - Copy

Just so pretty!  Hope you stay warm where ever you are!


  1. I happily found your blog (have added you to my Google circles) as I was searching for information about Missouri and where we might relocate our homestead; we're kicking around the idea of moving to MO. Land prices look much better than where we are now but, if you have a minute, could you leave me a message on FB and tell me anything about MO you think would be relevant to a fellow homesteader. You can search Homestead Lady or follow this link I'm interested in the Ozarks - they look beautiful - but you could fill a book with what I don't know about Missouri! Thanks in advance!

  2. Welcome Tessa! I'm glad you stumbled upon us. As unbelievable as it may be I do not have a Facebook account. I realized after your comment that there is no way for anyone to really contact me on here. I plan to fix that. I added my e-mail to my Google account. Your welcome to e-mail me. Other than that I loved your question and will probably do a post on it soon. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Love your blog. Feel free to check out our family farm website and blog. It is new and definately not perfect but fun to do.