Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas From the Ozarks

I thought I’d share our Christmas Letter with you all with extra pictures…

It’s been another tough year for the S Family.  In July we lost Super D’s  Dad  to cancer.  Super D was able to take time off and spent 3 months in Colorado caring for his dad in his last days and taking care of the estate after he passed.   The girls and I made a quick week long trip up with my sister-in-law and her kids at the end of June.  We were all able to see Grandpa G and say our goodbyes.  It was a very trying trip but we made it, making a quick over night in Tulsa on the way.     

    In April I started working at the local store here.  It is about 10 minutes from home and is going pretty well.  I now know about half the town by name.   We are the only store/gas station/ restaurant for about 30 miles. 
    In June we celebrated Sugar Bug’s 10th birthday at blue springs, her favorite place on the river.  We had a lot of fun jumping into the icy water on the warm day.   In October my mom , sister , grandma E, and grandma B along with a couple family friends all made the trip to visit us and help celebrate Sassafras turning 15!  It was the first trip for any of them out here.  We rented a cabin on the river with a gorgeous view for everyone. 


    October was a crazy month as along with everyone visiting we moved again.  We didn’t move far.  We still love the Ozarks and have expanded a bit.  We bought another 4 acres practically next door with a mobile home on it.   We are all thankful to have running water with working toilets and showers for the winter!   We still have our other 6 acres with 10 acres separating the two properties.   Originally, when Super D was growing up the all 20 acres were combined.  His step dad had split it up to sell.  Maybe one day we will have it all back together.  For now we have put building on hold while we decide where we want to build and our next step. 

   Super D has been working installing solar systems with another guy who has decided to sell his business.  As a result, Super D is no longer working with him and planning to starting his own business in the new year. 

    Despite our crazy year our little farm has managed to grow.  We got a little milk cow named Sweet Pea who gave birth to a bull calf in August.  The girls named him Thor.  Thankfully she delivered with no help as Super D was still in Colorado when she had him.  So I got plunged into learning to milk our cow!  I am so glad she is a sweet thing and has been a great cow and we learned to milk together with no problems.  This was her first calf so we were both new it all!   We have loved the fresh milk and Super D has taken up cheese making.  Our chickens didn’t fare so well while we were in Colorado so we got a new set of chicks that should start giving us eggs again in the spring.

017 - Copy

Here is one of the Christmas pictures of the girls.  I take pictures every year at Christmas our version of school pictures.  This one captures my girls personalities wonderfully!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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