Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Quiet Christmas

For the first time ever I think, we had a quiet Christmas at home.  We didn’t go anywhere or even have company.  Just got to lounge around in our PJ’s all day!  We started out the day at about 7:20 with kids waking us up.  We slowly got out of bed to get the fire going…
Super D is standing in front of the real fire while we get the effect with music from the TV.  Smile  Of course next is presents…
009  017
Sassafras got a new hat from her sister. Can you tell she likes Pandas??  It’s an inherited trait, I collected Panda things as a kid too.
We then had a yummy Christmas breakfast of Eggs, bacon, and Cinnamon Rolls.  Bacon was a treat too as we haven’t had Bacon around lately as it is a bit more expensive.  Then we just hung out.  Watched a Christmas movie and played. 
Sugar Bug had all her clothed tried on and toys all played with before the day was over. 
Here she is coloring after working a couple pot holders on the loom, by the end of the day we all had our own pot holder. Smile   And we played her new game together.  It was very funny…
The game is called Hedbanz Act up.. The game like charades, you act out what is on another players card and have them guess. Super D is acting out an earthquake here.

Sassafras pausing to take a picture of us.  With our game headwear Winking smile.  It is a fun game that gets us all laughing!
We didn’t have a big dinner just a simple every day one and that was fine.  We had a family dinner with everyone a couple days after Christmas.  It was nice to just stay home and enjoy the family.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Wish you all a Happy New Year!!

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